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3 de noviembre de 2014

Dear Xavi,

I apologize for not getting back to you any sooner. The moment we came back from the honeymoon we were bombarded and busy with our new home again, with all kinds of people wanting information.

The honeymoon itself was wonderful, everything went pretty much perfect. It’s only a shame that the flights are so long, as well as the security check queues in the US.

San Francisco
We stayed at the Hotel Triton – A Kimpton Hotel. The location is good, exactly opposite the beginning of Chinatown and the gate. Our room was good, we received a complimentary breakfast each morning delivered to your room, that you needed to order if you wanted it. Essentially it was a bag with Water, Orange Juice, a croissant and a cereal bar. In the reception they also had coffee, tea and milk every morning. The staff was very nice.


When we arrived in Honolulu we had the driver waiting for us and the pickup went fine. Two ladies greeted us and took us to the baggage claim area. After that they brought us to the driver. he was really really nice and gave us a lot of insider tips for Honolulu.

There we stayed at the Hotel Moana Surfrider – A Westin Resort & Spa. When we chose the hotel we didn’t know that this hotel is the oldest hotel of the island with a famous big Banyan tree. The hotel was fabulous! Very big in itself, though the rooms we chose were a bit more on the side and quieter. They faced the beach and we could enjoy the sunset every day. The entire hotel staff was very nice and always helpful.

The room itself was great, two huge beds, a nica balcony with a great view. Breakfast was included. We received vouchers for each day that we could trade in at breakfast at the Veranda. This is apparently very known in Waikiki, as there are always queues where tourists not staying at the hotel also go there to enjoy breakfast. Breakfast is served at the Veranda, colonial style, going around the inner court and the huge Banyan tree, with view of the beach. The breakfast also offers a big selection, from continental to american to japanese food. Probably because half the population of everywhere you go is japanese. Even the menus are first japanese and then english.

The location of the hotel is great. Once you exit you are in central Waikiki. Shops and restaurants are everywhere and in walking distance. We rented a car for three days with The Alamo. Pickup was 100m up the road and the Hotel has its own parking. With a car you can get pretty much anywhere on the island within 1 hour, as long as you don’t get stuck in traffic jams. Honolulu is a city and there obviously is also the daily commute traffic of people going and coming from work.

There was only one thing, that although is a good service, we found a bit negative. When you check in they say that you get free Wifi, 60 minutes a day of free calls to anywhere (yes, local and international, anywhere in the world) and free parking. However, they do not tell you that this service costs an extra 30$ a day and you can’t really turn it down (the price is in a fine print on the back of a small envelope that they give you your room cards in). You basically have to take it. Anyway, it wasn’t that bad, we used the free Wifi and being able to call our parents iin Europe for «free» was also nice.

One more thing to note, if you want a relaxing and quiet stay, this hotel is not for you. I would say that any hotel in Waikiki is the same case. There is simply too much going on in Honolulu for that. For relaxing, I would suggest the first Hotel that you had recommended, the Turtle Bay Resort in the north of the island.

You can get anywhere by car, but it takes much longer than you think, as you are not allowed to drive quicker than 20-25m/h.

All in all, the hotel was excellent!!

We stayed at the Hotel Andaz Maui at Wailea, and this one was also amazing. It was also big, 4 pools, of which 3 are infinity pools, direct access to the beach and a wonderful reef just next to it where you can go snorkel. All the staff at the hotel were extremely nice, always wanting to help and providing tips. From the valet service to the baggage carrier, concierge and cleaning staff.

We had a room also facing the ocean and had a view of the sunset every day. The room was very nice and spacious, and the bathroom was almost as big. It had a minibar and the food and drinks in it were free, and it was refilled every day. There wasn’t much in it, but it didd have 2-4 drinks, 2 packets of chips and cereal bars. When we left tips on the pillows and once met the cleaning ladies, they asked if we wanted anything specific and would also cater for it. The room was comfortable, modern, a lot of gadgets (USB chargers next to power outlets, electric blinds, very big LCD).

We did not have breakfast included, and it cost 28$ per person, or 48$ for brunch. We went once for breakfast there and it was very good. You have a lot to choose from, all the fruit and bread is freshly baked and prepared at the table for you. They had open cooking areas that you can go to and tell the cook what you want.

In addition the Hotel has a japanese restaurant (we didn’t go there), a lounge/bar next to one pool, and a sitting bar at a bigger pool. We tried them both out and enjoyed the food and service very much. The hotel also had a market place, basically a store, that also served foods, snacks, cakes, ice-cream, coffee and such. Imagine a Starbucks that also sells a few books and clothes.
We found the idea strange, but considering that the area where the hotel is, it made sense, as there is nothing else around. Our hotel was at the southern part of Wailea and there are only hotels after hotels near the coast and no shops. You would have to walk 15mins to get to the Marriott that had a few more shops. You could also walk to the norht about 30mins, where the «town» starts with all the shops.

The hotel provided a shuttle service as well to the area around it, especially to these shopping areas. It was a first-come basis. You could tell the shuttle were you want to go, and when you want to go home you call them again for picking you up. As we had a car rented, we didn’t use this service, but plenty of other people did and I thought it was great.
If you rent a car they only have valet service, so you are forced to pay a parking fee if you keep it over night. The hotel itself rents cars via and the process is great. You can book a car and pick it up at the hotel. The only tip we can give is, return the car the day before, instead of at 9am the next day, as that way you do not pay parking fees to keep the car overnight and return it the next morning.
If you rent a car you can get pretty much anywhere within 30mins. The only exception being the east side of the island, as you have to drive through the famous «Road to Hana».

What was very nice as well is that the hotel had a laundry room. You could wash and dry your laundry free of charge.

Oh yes, we also had a pick up service that you organised. There was a slight glitch as nobody was waiting for us when we came out of the airport. It seems that the company didn’t have our flight number, even though it was indicated in the documentation that you had provided us. However they called theyr company and a huge stretch limo showed up 5 mins later.

Los Angeles
Back in Los Angeles we stayed at the Best Western Plus Sunset Plaza Hotel. It was situated directly at the Sunset Boulevard, so if you drive it along you will end up downtown were the famous Walk of Fame and other tourist attractions are.

We arrived at 10:30 in the morning and the hotel had our room ready. This was very nice, as we had a late flight coming out of Maui and didn’t sleep. The Hotel was also very nice. Big, with parking for the car we rented (you pay 19$ per night), laundry room as well, pool, gym, etc… A complimentary continental breakfast was also included. Not as big as in the other hotels, but still plenty of choices and more than enough for a hearty breakfast. The location was also very good, as long as you have a car. If you are on foot in LA you will be walking a lot, as everything is far away from each other.

The staff was also very nice and friendly. They do not serve dinner at the hotel nor to your room directly, but they worked together with a restaurant across the street, Saddle Ranch Chop House, which braught the food over. It is a classical steak joint with a cowboy style look. We ordered once dinner and it was very good.

All in all we were very happy with all the hotels and don’t really have anything negative to say about them. The two in Hawaii were very luxurious and our favorites. We read in a guidebook that it was common to leave a tip on the pillow for the cleaning ladies. We had never heard about this but did it a few times. In general in the US you tip a lot to everybody that helps you, and in these hotels everybody always wants to help you and is super friendly. That is in their culture and as a tourist you just have to be aware of it.

There is one thing we remembered regarding the flights. I guess you booked everything through United, but the last flight from LA to FRA was operated by Lufthansa. We couldn’t get the seats changed on that flight as the website for United said we should go to Lufthansa, and Lufthansa simply said it was too early to check in. We tried speaking to people at the counters, but only after a long while did they find out that the flight was operated by Lufthansa, as we only had the codes for United, and they kept saying that they can’t do anything. We also called Lufthansa and even they said that the only way we could change seats was during the 24h of the check-in. What we ended up doing was going to LAX the day before our flight and went to the Lufthansa Check-In counters. There a gentleman was able to help us and change the seats.
What I’m trying to say is, maybe as a suggestion, if the flight is operated by another airline, maybe mention that in the documents, so that people can go straight to the correct airline and talk to them in advance. Once we were on our way in the holidays there was nothing anybody coould do.

We also wanted to thank you once more, for having everything so well planned and printed out for us. It really helped a lot when having to produce documentation. Your colleague also called us a day or two before we left, confirming all the flights and hotels.
We took a lot of pictures, but haven’t had the time yet to go through all of them. If you would like some pictures from the hotels (we also have many of them) I could send you some, or put them online on my Flickr account and you can download the ones you like.

The next time we plan on taking another trip like this we will surely came back to you again! 🙂

Best regards,

André & Ursina

8 de mayo de 2013


¿ Una noche de  hotel en overwater?,  ¿Una cena romántica en un atolón  privado?  ¿Subir en globo por el Serengeti?  ¿Estancia en un Ryokan?¿ la gran aventura en las cataratas Iguazu?, ¿Excursión por la gran barrera de coral? millas de avión, noches de hotel ….

Con nuestra lista de bodas on line vuestros familiares y amigos , podrán entrar en ésta y de una forma sencilla y cómoda , os podrán regalar esas experiencias que recordareis toda la vida.


Animaros! consultadnos sin compromiso de como os lo podemos organizar!

13 de noviembre de 2012



A traves de nuestra página y en la pestaña : lista de bodas estarán puestos los regalos del viaje fragmentado (hoteles, excursiones,aviones etc) de diferentes precios según os convenga, para que los invitados entren, compren el regalo que mas les guste y lo paguen o con tarjeta de credito o via transferencia bancaria.

Un ejemplo de lista :

Los novios a su vez tendran su entrada para ver los regalos hechos y los mensajes que les han dejado sus invitados .

Esperamos poder ayudar asi con este nuevo servicio, a que cada pareja pueda cumplir con la ilusión de poder hacer el viaje de sus sueños . Quien quiera mas información al respecto, no dudeis en preguntar a traves de o al 93 209 98 62.

Novios: la lista de novios de vuestro viaje esta en XFV!!!!

19 de agosto de 2009
Hola Xavi, sois GENIALES, todo el equipo !!!. El viaje a CALIFORNIA ha salido fantástico y gracias a vuestra ayuda y consejos, siempre disponibles, hemos aprovechado al máximo cada ricón.
Nos han pasado un montón de aventuras y hemos disfrutado del SUEÑO AMERICANO..JAJAJA ..I DID IT !!!.
Me cuesta destacar algo en concreto porque cada destino es alucinante, desde panorámicas increibles en San Francisco , el desenfreno en SIN-CITY ( Las Vegas ) y L.A ( my lady )…Para luego recorrer de punta a punta MAUI en Hawaii que es una pasada, con todo tipo de playas a lo largo de todo el camino a Hana pasamos por rojas , negras , blancas … nos dejaron boquiabiertos.Recorrimos parque Jurasico y vimos varias cataratas . De película. Y los pueblos son encantadores, como Lahaina, super pulcros, con la casitas de madera, verjas blancas, las verdes montañas al fondo.. un verdadero escenario de novela en pleno Pacifico. Un abrazo muy fuerte y seguid así !!



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